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Tải phần mềm ETS v6.1.0

Link tải phần mềm ETS6 Professional, phiên bản v6.1.0, phát hành ngày 22.5.2023.

Phần mềm ETS là công cụ duy nhất để cấu hình và lập trình điều khiển KNX
Phần mềm ETS là công cụ duy nhất để cấu hình và lập trình điều khiển KNX

MD5 Hash: fe1ebe9d480fc22472fffbc65f8f5ef6

Một số thông tin phiên bản phần mềm ETS v6.1.0 từ KNX Association.

Phần mềm ETS Professional, v6.1.0.

Released 22 May 2023, build 5686

New features

New project schema for all projects (any project that is opened/imported is automatically converted to the new schema and cannot be downgraded)

User Interface & Functionality

  • Project archive

    • Linked folders (See here)

    • Archive mode indication on the dashboard (Collaboration/Backup)(See here)

  • Project list view (See here)

  • Redesigned project workbench

    • Open a new tab containing a panel from an existing project or App

    • Toolbar with breadcrumb navigation and fixed features (See here)

    • Context tabs (e.g. Group Objects, Channels, Parameters, Devices, etc.) moved on top of the window

    • New sidebar container 'Groups'

    • Panel selector

      • Option to make a panel 'Favorite'

      • Group by App developer for App panels

      • Actions (close, move up/down, as a new tab, as a new window)

  • A plug-in information repository is now used to allow user guidance for plug-in related errors


  • N/A


User Interface & Functionality

  • User Experience

    • Licensing

      • Show license comments added in MyKNX when activating a license

      • Group licenses by product category (ETS, Apps)

    • Diagnostics

      • Line Scan - More information scanned and displayed

      • Line Scan - When comparing to project, the Additional Addresses and Bus Interfaces are taken into account

      • Group monitor - New columns 'Function name', 'Building part'

      • Group monitor - New button 'Stop cyclic sending'

      • Device info - Possible to copy the content via a button

    • Group object icons indicating the operation of the group object (See here)

    • The 'Park' button has been moved to the device's context menu

    • New room types ('Technical room', 'Dressing room', 'Gym', 'Multimedia', 'Home cinema', 'Entrance')

    • Panels can be closed by clicking the middle-mouse button on the panel content switcher

    • When a 'Current line' has been selected it is shown in the 'Sidebar - Properties'

    • The dialog to creating a new group address has now the focus on the name

    • A tooltip showing the interface information which has been selected by the 'Automatic'

    • When inserting devices with additional individual addresses from the catalog, the additional addresses are assigned in reverse order, i.e. 'last free'

    • Project archive

      • Archived date is shown when hovering a specific project version (See here)

      • The dialog to convert ETS5 archived projects has now the option to be scrolled down

    • The separator of the Reports panel is now resizable

  • KNX Secure

    • When making a keyring export there is an option to include the FDSK as well

Bug fixes

User Interface & Functionality

  • KNX Secure

    • Initial programming of secure IP Router failed when performing 'Download partial' and the KNX Serial Number is already known from the device certificate

    • The programming flags were not cleared, if local factory reset had been detected for devices that had been configured as 'secure devices'

  • User Experience

    • Re-ordering project tabs was not possible

    • Project comparison

      • New functions were not shown in the content comparison

      • Content comparison between local and archive had the columns swapped

    • After selecting multiple elements in the detail view, it was not possible to only select the first one again

    • Assigning a datapoint to multiple group addresses gave misleading warning

    • Changing a device from one segment to another one with a different domain address the 'Cfg' flag was not cleared

    • Changing the configuration flags from the respective column in the detail view did not work

    • IP devices were automatically parked, if an IP-Router had been moved to another location in the topology

    • Linking - Linking dialog - Custom group address name is not kept when pressing 'Enter'

    • Reports - Project statistics report failed if building functions were present

    • Manufacturer-signed projects were not importable

    • Diagnostics

      • Group monitor - Writing a value to a group address with a specific datapoint type worked partially (5.003 and some others)

      • Group monitor - Writing a group address value did not work if a datapoint main type has been selected

      • Group monitor - Multiple group address reading failed in some rare cases

      • Group monitor - Colors didn't work if there was a condition about the 'Telegram Type'

      • Group monitor - The tooltip in the monitor for the datapoint type 5.001 was incorrect

      • Group monitor - A newly opened panel always reset the 'Currently selected' connection to 'Automatic'

      • Group monitor - Information about the current bus recording / session are missing

      • Line Scan - The PDF report truncated the device list

    • Licensing - When cloud license is used, opening a project via taskbar failed

    • The content of the column 'Function' of a linked channel was not shown

    • The parameter dialog controls show a wrong value after parameter validation failed

    • In some cases the 'Update application program' function did not work

    • Using the 'Paste Special' function cleared the 'Grp' flag from the source device

    • Extended Copy app

      • The preview showed incorrectly multiple middle groups in some cases

      • Pasting devices cleared the 'Grp' flag from the source device

    • Split & Merge app - In some cases merging was not possible


  • Prevent Knx.Ets.Sdk.Root.IsConnectionAvailable being called recursively

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