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Phần mềm ETS 6 | Cập nhật phiên bản v6.1.1

Link tải phần mềm ETS6 Professional, phiên bản v6.1.1, phát hành ngày 15.11.2023.

Phần mềm ETS là công cụ duy nhất để cấu hình và lập trình điều khiển các thiết bị KNX.
Phần mềm ETS là công cụ duy nhất để cấu hình và lập trình điều khiển các thiết bị KNX.

​MD5 Hash: d9a8f39d9135e53e93819d31363e615e

Một số thông tin phiên bản phần mềm ETS v6.1.1 từ KNX Association.

Phần mềm ETS Professional, v6.1.1.

Released 15 November 2023.

Watch the ETS 6.1.1 release video here!

New features

User Interface & Functionality

  • Download and handle devices based on their KNX Serial Number

  • Project semantic export


  • RF Multi-specific properties and methods are now available for use

  • Block of all ETS actions on a device instance via ETS SDK (not applicable for DCAs)

  • New options to delete and park additional individual addresses

  • The last received telegram 'AdditionalInfo' is now available for use

  • New feature to allow control of the undo transactions in online scripts


User Interface & Functionality

  • User Experience

    • A 'Close panel' button has been added next to the panel selector

    • Enhanced context of linked group objects

    • Display of the selected items in the list view tab counter pill

    • New options in the navigation 'Open in a new panel', 'Open in a new tab', 'Open in a new window'

    • All devices of a project (even those that are not assigned to a room) are now shown when clicking the root element of the 'Buildings' panel

    • Reports - A new filter option is available that allows to filter out the automatically created project traces

    • Search folders

      • Rename of the 'Dynamic Folders' to 'Search Folders'

      • Possible to expand the Search Folders

      • Counter indication showing the contained results

      • New default Search Folder 'Cabinets'

      • The Search Folders are always shown on top of the tree-view

      • The default Search Folders 'Initial devices' and 'Modified devices' are merged

  • Project archive

    • Additional information shown on the project entries 'Locked by', 'Locked since', 'Last synchronized'

    • New filter option 'Checked out by'

    • The 'Unlocked' icon on the project tiles has been removed

    • New option 'Lock the archive copy for others' when being in Collaboration mode and the option 'Keep local copy' is selected

  • Licensing

    • Rename 'Computer' to 'Cloud'

    • Performance improvements in case of having many licenses in an account

  • Diagnostics

    • Programming Mode - New scan option 'Whole installation'

    • Line Scan

      • It's now possible to select specific segments

      • Scanning an RF segment also searches for SLE devices

      • Scanning in RF segments always scans on 'Slow'

      • Scanning in RF segments continues until no more responses are coming in

  • Group monitor

    • An indication for active real-time logging is shown in the monitor status bar

    • Possible to filter messages from SLE devices when an RF Multi interface is used

    • Display an error message when encrypted messages have been selected to be replayed

    • Two new filter criteria (Building Function, Building part) in the monitor options

    • For conditions that hide telegrams there is an indication shown in the monitor

    • When the amount of recorded telegrams reaches 90k, there is an indication shown for the maximum amount that can be shown

    • When clearing the telegrams, it's now possible to select to not be asked again for confirmation

    • Display of current interface configuration in the status bar

  • Device info

    • If the entered individual address matches that of a device in the project and Device Info finds that the addressed device is in secure mode, try with the Loaded Tool Key from the project

    • The read-out individual address from the device is shown in the 'General' (for the master-reset devices)

  • 'Connection selection' dialog

    • The status information of the tried interfaces has been added to the list of interfaces

    • The KNX Serial Number of the interface is now included in the list

    • The checkbox 'Use for future operations' is now enabled by default

    • It's possible to select an interface by double clicking

  • Multiple RF Multi enhancements

    • Support of RF Multi USB interfaces

  • Handling of additional individual addresses

    • It is now possible to park unused tunnelling interfaces in order to save individual addresses on the line

    • When copying a device with additional individual addresses, the additional individual addresses follow now the default/selected copy strategy of the main address

  • An icon for the DCA tab has been introduced

  • Manufacturer-specific icons are now shown in the 'Catalog' and the App menus

  • When multiple projects are selected in the Project List or the Project Archive, the amount of projects is shown in the sidebar

  • The button 'Hide Online Catalog items' from the 'Catalog' panel has been removed

  • The button 'Address Free' is now disabled for modern KNX/IP interfaces

  • When switching to the 'Catalogs' panel, the 'Favorites' section is now shown

  • Visual feedback has been added to the tree-view items when using keyboard navigation

  • The checkbox style has been updated

  • Extended handling of non-unique KNX Serial Numbers

  • Device data persistence enhancements

Bug fixes

User Interface & Functionality

  • KNX Secure

    • When trying to activate the programming mode of a secure device, which was also part of another project, it did not show any error message

  • User Experience

    • Search filter was not applied when the tree-view node selection changed

    • It was not possible to search a value from dropdown lists in parameters using the keyboard (in the parameter dialog)

    • Find and replace did not rename group addresses from different middle groups

    • Selection in DCA list view caused exception messages under certain conditions

    • Delete option is disabled from the menu bar when a DCA tab is opened

    • The keyboard shortcuts were incorrectly processed when working in a DCA

    • The calculation of the filter tables was very slow during download

    • Linking a group address to a group object could take longer than expected

    • Sidebar was broken after connecting via remote desktop to a PC with a running ETS6

    • The search results of the 'Groups' container in the sidebar are now aligned with the list view search

    • Licensing - Cloud licensing workflows did not always correctly assign a license to a session/workset

    • ETS froze when deleting the maximum number of main, middle and group address

    • The multi-selection of identical parameters was not displayed correctly in the parameter dialog

    • The USB interface was not properly recognized after a power cut

    • Update application program did not work for devices in segments

    • The context menu (in the List view) did not always show the right content

    • The 'Edit' menu entries in the main toolbar were blank when the device parameter dialog was opened

    • 'Connection selection' dialog - When the name of a KNX/IP interface changed, the name was not shown immediately in the list of interfaces, but only after ETS restart

    • The display of the 'Shortcuts' page in the ETS settings was not displayed correctly when the Windows screen scaling was higher than 100%

    • Reports

      • It was not possible to open an export of Excel format

      • It was not possible to make an export of Word format

      • In some rare situations the Single device report showed an incorrect message

  • Diagnostics

    • Line Scan - Scanning the individual address of a semi-directional device took longer than expected

    • Group monitor

      • Writing to a group address with datapoint type 240.800 set the wrong attribute bits 'ValidHeightPos' and 'ValidSlatsPos'

      • The time period input for the datapoint types 7.2 until 7.7 and 8.2 until 8.7 was incorrect

      • The options to write a value to a group address having the generic datapoint type '1-bit' were disabled

      • The options for the settings are not visible in languages where the strings are too long

      • The statistics were not updated in real time

  • Extended Copy App - The device description was not renamed


  • The ETS SDK function GroupCommunicationReadSync did not work for plain group addresses

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