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Phần mềm KNX-ETS 6 | Cập nhật phiên bản v6.2.1

Link tải phần mềm ETS6 Professional, phiên bản v6.2.1, phát hành ngày 21.3.2024

MD5 Hash: 5350215757364a9b30b94b81de167228

Một số thông tin phiên bản phần mềm ETS v6.2.1 từ KNX Association.

Phần mềm ETS Professional, v6.2.1.

New features

User Interface & Functionality

  • Option to hide Main- / Middle groups from the Detail View (See here)


User Interface & Functionality

  • Extended functionality of the 'Linked with' detail view column

  • Added 2 additional libraries in ETS setup that were needed by ETS Apps

🛠️Bug fixes

User Interface & Functionality

  • F1 key did not work to open Help file of an ETS App

  • Device channels within modules were not properly shown in the Tree View

  • Some error messages were thrown when backing up a project to the Project Archive and having the option 'Keep local copy' option activated in drilldown/list view

  • The linking of group addresses to group objects took longer than expected in some cases

  • The devices in the Tree View of the Trades were sorted by product name instead of individual address

  • Free group ranges were sorted incorrectly in Tree View

  • Sorting in search folders in Tree View was not correct

  • There were some incorrect security checks when activating security on Tunneling interfaces

  • The 'Set Project Password' window appeared incorrectly when having an KNXnet/IP interface/router device with secure commissioning deactivated

  • The 'Device Compare' App did not work properly. Source:

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